What Are the Best Brands of Lawn Mowers?

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Answering “What are the best brands of lawn mowers?” is the best way to make a difference in the quality of your lawn.

Although there are dozens of manufacturers, not all models are designed the same and offer similar features.

Investing in a high-quality lawn mower from a reputable brand can make a world of difference, so let’s review the best options.

What To Look for in a Lawn Mower?

Before choosing a specific company to buy a product from, it’s important to know what to look for.

Some companies offer better features than others, while you might find specific models have exceptional performance with fewer features.

Let’s take a look at the most essential features every top-tier lawn mower should have.

Power Type

One of the first things to consider is the type of power your lawn mower needs.

Your three options include gas-powered, electric, and manual, with the manual being the least popular option.

Each design has its benefits as well as disadvantages to consider.

  • Gas-Powered

Gas-powered lawn mowers are a great option if you’re looking for high power levels for large properties.

They’re also a standard in many households because of their wide availability.

With gas-powered mowers, you need to use a mixture of fuel and oil to keep the engine running.

  • Electric

Electric lawn mowers are quickly becoming another popular option because of their lightweight designs.

They also require battery power or plug-in power compared to gas and oil, making them eco-friendly.

As the years progress, electric models are increasing in power ratings, making them comparable to gas-powered designs.

  • Manual

If you don’t want a powered lawn mower, manual options are often preferred.

You’ll push the unit forward, which then engages blades to begin cutting the grass.

This type can often be preferred for the more budget-conscious homeowner.

Cutting Width and Height

The lawn mower you choose should allow you to customize the height when cutting your lawn.

This feature ensures you can always find the ideal length without scalping your property.

Also, various models come in different cutting widths, which can make a significant difference.

The wider the cutting head, the faster you’ll finish mowing.

However, wider options can also be too large for small properties, causing you to spend more money than you need to.

Cutting Options

Along with customizing the height of your lawn mowing, cutting options are essential to consider.

Basic mowers allow you to bag clippings or discharge them to the side or the rear.

One essential feature to consider is mulching, which can be beneficial for nourishing and protecting your lawn.

The higher-end options have a combination of all three cutting options.

Lower-priced versions could have one or two, and you should decide based on how often you cut your lawn.

Wheel Size and Type

There’s no doubt the wheels on your lawn mower are important to consider since they determine maneuverability.

Large mowers with small wheels will be significantly harder to push along soft surfaces, like grass.

Finding moderately sized wheels with ample tread is highly recommended for all lawns.

You’ll find that moving over more demanding terrain will be effortless while managing an even cut across your lawn is equally simple.

There’s also the added benefit of knowing the tires’ tread won’t wear down over time, especially if they’re rugged.


At the end of the season, you’ll want to ensure you can quickly store your lawn mower in a discreet location.

You must have enough space in your shed or garage to keep it sheltered from the elements.

This point is critical for gas-powered and electric mowers to protect their fuel and batteries.

Ideally, the mower you choose should have a foldable handle, helping make it more compact.

Alternatively, consider models with hanging options so you can store them off the ground.

It’s also beneficial to consider a storage bag, adding an extra layer of weather protection.

What Are the Best Brands of Lawn Mowers?

Now that you know what to look for in the best mowers, let’s explore top-rated brands.

Certain manufacturers are recommended for different reasons, but all of the below brands perform well above average.

Best Gas-Powered Lawn Mower Brands

If you prefer gas-powered lawn mowers, below are the top brands to look at.


Honda is a well-rounded company with plenty of professional-grade and residential lawn mower options.

Their vast collection of products include push mowers, self-propelled models, as well as professional-series mowers.

They have outstanding performance with rugged construction to manage any type of landscaping project.

Some of their more affordable options are specifically designed to accommodate the average homeowners’ everyday needs.

They usually have effortless performance matched with user-friendly features for a significantly better mowing experience.

There are few key features that Honda builds into their lawn equipment, including:

  • Aerodynamic Deck Design

Compared to other mowers, Honda models are known to have a far more aerodynamic deck.

This upgrade helps ensure clippings are effortlessly lifted off the ground and circulated for longer.

By the end of your project, you’ll have significantly finer clippings with less left on your lawn.

  • Twin-Blades

Another impressive feature in many Honda models is their MicroCut twin-blade system.

As you cut your grass, the mower works more efficiently, offering the power of two passes in one.

You’ll also find this feature helps create smaller clippings to reduce the amount you’re bagging.

  • Smooth and Quiet Operation

There’s no doubt that gas-powered lawn mowers can be loud, which is why Honda engines are remarkable.

They’re significantly smoother when you start them, and they’re also quieter, especially their four-stroke engines.

Also, their performance exceeds EPA and CARB emissions standards, which is essential to consider.


Troy-Bilt is a heavy-duty lawn mower company with impressive models for vast and mid-size properties.

They carry an assortment of riding mowers, as well as standard gas-powered walk-behind models.

Each product they design is meant to handle a minimum property size of 1/2 an acre.

Some of the most impressive features you’ll find in Troy-Bilt gas-powered models include:

  • Variable Speed Systems

Finding the perfect speed for every project has never been simpler with this manufacturer’s variable speed system.

You can quickly change speeds mid-project to ensure you’re maintaining your lawns in far less time.

  • Three Transmissions

When opting for their self-propelled mower line, homeowners can choose between three different transmissions.

They feature front, rear, and all-wheel drive so you can tackle all types of terrain more efficiently.

  • Multiple Discharge Options

A significant benefit of these models is that they have all three discharging options available.

You can choose between mulching, side discharging, rear discharging, or a combination of all three.

  • TriAction Cutting System

One of the more impressive features of Troy-Bilt mowers is their TriAction Cutting System, a patented technology.

You’ll find a symmetrical deck, rake guard, and specialized blade built into the unit, allowing you to master cleaner cuts.


Toro is one of the nation’s oldest lawn mower manufacturers as they gained their start in 1914.

Over the years, they have diversified their product selection and added more features to meet modern-day needs.

You’ll find a good selection of gas-powered models, including the Recycler, Super Recycler, and TimeMaster series’.

Some of the most impressive features you’ll experience with a Toro lawn mower include:

  • Extra Long Blades

This brand is recommended if you’re looking for a mower that can tackle your larger property with less effort.

The majority of their lawn mowers have blades as large as 30″ long, allowing you to cut a significantly wider path.

  • Reduced Maintenance

Uniquely, some of the gas-powered mowers from Toro don’t require oil to run.

Instead, they simply need fuel, which significantly reduces maintenance and upkeep throughout the season.

  • Durability

There’s no doubt that Toro lawn mowers have some of the most well-built durability features.

Their higher-end models feature rust-proof cast-aluminum decks as well as specially engineered exteriors.

Another significant benefit is their suspension systems, which allow homeowners to navigate bumpy terrain easily.

  • Space Saving

Even the largest lawn mower in their collection, the TimeMaster, is designed to assist with end-of-year storage.

You’ll find the mowers feature quick-stow features, such as a fold-up handle and hanging options.

what are the best brands of lawn mowers

Best Electric Lawn Mower Brands

If you’re more interested in investing in an electric lawn mower, there are a few other vital brands to consider.

These companies are known for their giant leaps towards modernization, offering more simple solutions for pros and homeowners.


When shopping for an EGO lawn mower, you’ll want to pay close attention to the Power+ series.

With Power+, you’ll receive an interchangeable battery that you can use across all EGO tools.

Along with their unique power system, there are a few other key features to consider, including:

  • Select Cut Multi-Blade System

Like many gas-powered mowers, EGO mowers also come with a specialized cutting system.

The Select Cut Multi-Blade System is one of the first cordless mower systems with interchangeable blades.

There are three individual lower blades that you can switch out for a more customizable experience.

  • High-Powered Operation

Some of the higher-end models, like the Power+ 21″ Select Cut XP Mower, exceed gas power.

With a full charge, you’ll have up to 1200W worth of power within the brushless motor for improved efficiency.

You can also take advantage of just over eight pounds of cutting torque to plow through the thickest grasses.

  • Touch Drive Technology

There’s no doubt that EGO is a fantastic manufacturer to consider for revolutionary technology.

With Touch Drive, you can engage any self-propelled functions your mower has with a single touch.

All you have to do is place your palm on the handle to engage the function.

Also, there’s a unique dial placed on the handle to allow you to change the mower’s speed.

Having all of your most necessary features within a finger’s reach is exceptionally beneficial.

  • Height Adjustments

Another customizable feature that a few of the Power+ models offer is height adjustments.

You can choose between seven separate heights from 1.5″ to four inches to find the perfect length for your lawn.

All of the heights are quickly adjusted with a lever located near the deck.


Greenworks is another household name often considered when it comes to electric lawn mowers.

You can find several models with varying features, depending on your property size.

Like EGO, they also have a few patented technologies designed to improve your yard maintenance.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unique features built into most electric-powered Greenworks mowers.

  • SmartCut Technology

With the implementation of SmartCut Technology, you’ll find your mower lasts longer than expected.

Most models can run for up to 60 continuous minutes and even longer with a backup battery on a full charge.

Another advantage of this tech is that it helps improve your mower’s performance, tackling thicker grass quickly.

  • DigiPro Technology

Another patented technology added to these mowers is known as DigiPro, which relates to the motor.

With DigiPro, the brushless motor is digitally controlled to help heighten the mower’s performance.

You’ll find this feature is essential for improving the overall efficiency of your gear.

  • Push-Button Start

The days of managing pull cords with your lawn mower are over, especially with electric mowers.

Fortunately, Greenworks models all come with push-to-start functions, allowing you to cold start more quickly.

They’re a fantastic option for the first cut of the season with maintained performance year-round.

  • 3-in-1 Cutting Options

Depending on the model you choose, Greenworks mowers often have either 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 cutting options.

This feature ensures that your tool can mulch, side discharge, or rear discharge with ease.

If your model has a discharging feature, you’ll also receive a clippings bag with your order.


Ryobi is the industry leader when it comes to electric-powered lawn mowers.

Not only do they offer push mowers and self-propelled options, but electric riding mowers as well.

There’s plenty of unique technology built into their models at an affordable price for the average homeowner.

Some of the most notable features in Ryobi lawn mowers include:

  • Gas-Like Power

The vast majority of models within the One+ product line have gas-like performance.

On average, the mowers throttle 40V horsepower, more than enough for large properties and thick grass.

  • Cross Cut Multi Blade System

By adding the Cross Cut Multi Blade System to their mowers, Ryobi significantly improved cutting performance.

Not only will your grass have a more even finish, but it will also be cut significantly faster.

  • Smart Trek Adaptive Technology

One of the more unique features of the self-propelled mowers in their product line is Smart Trek Adaptive Technology.

Using this tech, your mower will automatically adjust its speed as it works across your property.

Alternatively, you can disengage this feature and master the variable speeds independently.

Best Manual Lawn Mower Brands

As the last option for lawn mowers, let’s look at a couple of popular manual brands.


Scotts‘ collection of push mowers are a reliable, inexpensive, and eco-friendly option compared to gas mowers.

They boast a straightforward, user-friendly design for all types of lawns and experience levels.

With their simplicity, there aren’t any technologically advanced features built into the mowers.

Still, they are comfortable, allowing you to have a more hands-on landscaping experience.

Also, they’re designed with highly intuitive wheels, making the devices easier to maneuver across all terrain types.

Sun Joe

As an alternative to Scotts, Sun Joe is another brand known for its comfortable manual lawn mowers.

They’re ergonomically designed with a lightweight and maneuverable body, ideal for any user.

You’ll also have access to conveniences, like their innovative Grass Catcher that collects trimmed turf.

A couple of other features typically built into Sun Joe manual mowers include:

  • Height adjustment levers
  • Dual-wheel design
  • Sharpened hardened blades
  • Rear collection bags

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering, “What are the best brands of lawn mowers?“, there are many manufacturers to consider.

Whether you’re looking at a gas-powered, electric, or manual mower, you’ll find varying features and conveniences for any user.