The 5 Best Weed Wackers: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2020

BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 6.5 Amp 14 in. AFS Electric String Trimmer-Edger

Getting rid of weeds isn’t everybody's favorite activity. Nevertheless, there are lots of good tools that can help you get the job done in the best quality. Maintaining your lawn shouldn’t be a difficult task if you buy the best weed wacker.

In this article, we’ll talk about 5 of the best weed eaters that should be on your shopping list. Check them out and choose the one that suits your needs.

The Best Weed Wackers

The Best Weed Wacker Reviews

A weed wacker or eater is a portable tool that allows you to get rid of the annoying weeds growing in your lawn, garden or backyard. These weeds compete with your plants for nutrition and will affect the aesthetics of your landscape.

Maintaining your green area is easy if you know how to use the right tool. Here are some features to think about when you’re shopping for the best weed wacker.


You don’t want a heavyweight or cumbersome tool that you can’t control or move. Cordless models are portable and practical to use. Some of the corded models are also extremely versatile because they feature long cords for maximum convenience.

Extra Attachments

While you’re using the weed wacker, you want to make sure that it can be used for other functions. Some wackers are compatible with heads that make them double as blowers, mowers or edgers. These models are good value for money because they can do multiple jobs to help you maintain your lawn.

Machine Power

Think about the capacity of the motor before deciding on a weed wacker. A powerful motor means that it can successfully cut dense growth. It also works for longer.

Here are our top 5 picks:

BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker

This lightweight and portable weed eater is the best to use if you want to trim a small area. It operates using a 20V lithium-ion battery that gives 33% more run time. The PowerDrive transmission gives the motor more power to cut harder weeds efficiently.

The 0.065-inch line feeds automatically and doesn’t jam. The automatic spool keeps the line at the best length while you’re using it. Moreover, this is a 2-in-1 model that doubles as an edger to help you maintain your green area effortlessly.

Adjusting the handle and the height of this 12-inch tool is easy so you can reach all the different areas in your lawn or backyard. The weed wacker weighs 5.7 pounds so it’s quite easy to carry around.

If you’re looking for a quiet and gasless model then this is the right one to pick. It even comes with an extra battery so you can finish the job conveniently.

Replacing the spools is a little bit tricky. It’s not designed to trim a big area as the battery only lasts for 30 to 45 minutes.


  • Portable and lightweight model.
  • Cordless design operates using a lithium-ion battery.
  • Automatic line feeding with no jamming
  • Doubles as an edger
  • Adjustable height and handle


  • Replacing the spools isn’t easy
  • Not suitable for trimming large areas
Husqvarna 129C, 17 in. 28cc 2-Cycle Gas Curved Shaft String Trimmer

Gas-powered weed wackers are reliable and robust. This one features a 27.6 cc 2-cycle engine that powers the 17-inch trimmer. Thanks to the curved design, you can carry the weight of the weed wacker more conveniently.

The engine works using a mixture of unleaded gas and 2-cycle oil for the best performance. Releasing the new line is easy when you tap the trimmer head. The head is designed for easy line reloading with no jamming for the best results. If you have to trim a big area, this gas-powered model is what you need.

Monitoring the fuel level is easy thanks to the translucent tank. The air purge primer bulb removes the unwanted air from the fuel system for maximum performance.

Easy engine start is guaranteed, however, you should think about the running cost every time you buy fuel for your weed eater. It weighs 10 pounds and is quite noisy to operate so you need to wear hearing protection.


  • Gas-powered model for heavy-duty jobs
  • Releasing the new line is easy
  • Curved design to distribute the weight of the weed wacker
  • Easy engine start and a translucent fuel tank


  • Heavyweight model
  • Noisy operation
WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12 Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

This battery-powered model easily converts from a string trimmer to a wheeled edger so you can maintain your green area. It features a push-button that activates instant line feed thanks to the spool system.

With your purchase, you’ll receive two 20V batteries. The Power Share MaxLithium batteries are compatible with other tools, giving your purchase more value for money. The charger is included.

There are rubber wheels to keep the edger stable, giving you straight lines and clean cuts. The head of this weed wacker tilts up to 90 degrees so you can easily trim a sloped terrain with the best results.

If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight model, you should look no further as this one weighs 5.3 pounds. Being a 12-inch weed eater, this is suitable for trimming smaller areas that don’t need much work. There’s an adjustable spacer guard that allows you to trim weeds without damaging your landscape and ornaments.

People who can’t handle a heavyweight model will still find this weed eater more convenient to use. However, it’s not robust enough to handle woody bushes. It only runs for 20 to 30 minutes so it doesn’t suit more heavy-duty tasks.


  • Lightweight and portable model
  • Comes with 2 batteries that can be used with other tools
  • Converts into an edger
  • Adjustable spacer guard


  • Short run time
  • Can’t handle woody bushes
BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 6.5 Amp 14 in. AFS Electric String Trimmer-Edger

With an electric corded model like this one, you don’t have to worry about charging the battery or buying fuel. All you have to do is to connect the weed wacker to a power source and it will work as long as you need it to.

The 14-inch trimmer is designed for maximum reach so you can trim your lawn or backyard in no time. The 6.5A motor operates at 8000 rpm for fast jobs and convenient results. It’s affordable and weighs 7 pounds so you can move it around to reach all the areas that need fast trimming.

BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 6.5 Amp 14 in. AFS Electric String Trimmer-Edger

Adjusting the height is easy. In no time and using no tools, it converts into an edger to maintain your driveways and paths. Beginners and first-timers can use this weed wacker because it’s quite easy to assemble.

However, the auto-feed feature isn’t the best. It wastes some line so you’ll be using more to trim your yard or lawn. It doesn’t arrive with a cord, so you’ll need to buy this separately so you can connect the unit to a power source.

BLACK+DECKER BESTA510 6.5 Amp 14 in. AFS Electric String Trimmer-Edger


  • Electric model that doesn’t have to be recharged
  • Convenient model that converts into an edger
  • Adjustable height
  • Suitable for beginners


  • The auto-feed feature isn’t very good
  • Doesn’t come with a cord
WORX WG160.4 4AH 2.0 Hi-Capacity GT

You can easily convert this 12-inch trimmer into an edger or mower for all your landscaping needs. It comes with two 4.0 Ah batteries so you can enjoy double the run time for more convenient weed trimming.

Whether you’re a short or tall person, the telescopic shaft can be easily adjusted to your length so you can trim all the hard to reach areas. It reaches a maximum height of 40 inches to reach all the difficult spots.This also helps improve your posture and minimizes the strain and fatigue that you might experience while working on your backyard.

Thanks to the automatic line feed, you’ll be able to finish your job in excellent quality. The batteries are compatible with other tools so they’re good value for money. A single battery will run this weed wacker up to 30 minutes so you can get one hour of operation when you use the two batteries together.

It weighs 7 pounds so it’s not as heavy as gas-powered models. It’s a good choice for beginners because it’s quite easy to assemble. 

There’s no indication of the battery charge, so you won’t know when you need to charge or replace it. Moreover, to get a clean deep cut, you’ll need to hold it vertically which might be a bit problematic.


  • Battery-operated model.
  • Double the run time thanks to 2 batteries.
  • Converts into an edger and a mower
  • Batteries can be used with other tools
  • Adjustable height for maximum convenience.


  • Holding it vertically for deep cuts is difficult.
  • There’s no indicator to show the battery charge.

The Bottom Line

Trimming weed isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; however, some people find it extremely relaxing to maintain their lawn or backyard. Whether you like or hate this job, there are excellent weed wackers on the market. Each one of them is designed to suit a different user, so you’ll definitely find the one that suits your needs.