Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer Review

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We all want to have a lovely home not just for our own satisfaction, but also to have some sort of an edge over other houses in the neighborhood. One way of keeping your home attractive is to have a nice landscape with well-kept lawns and beautiful plants. However, that can be a daunting task, especially over time, when maintaining yards becomes more difficult and tiring.

One of the things that need to be done in lawn maintenance is cutting or trimming grass. More than the aesthetics, cutting the grass is important for the overall health of the lawn and the proper growth of other plants in the area.

If you live in an urban area, cutting grass is very important to keep your house’s appeal at its best. Cutting to the right standards also contributes to a pleasant and safe cutting experience. You can save time, money, and energy as well. That is why it helps to set a regular cutting schedule, so that you can enhance your yard’s natural beauty, and control the attack of unwanted weeds.

To make it easier for you to maintain your yard, there are tools that you can use such as lawn mowers and string trimmers. The latter is preferable for some because they are cheaper, handier, and requires less effort compared to lawn mowers.

There are so many models of trimmers available in the market, that is why it can be a little confusing to decide which one to buy if ever you decide to. With the wide range of trimmers to choose from, you might want to check out the Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer. As the name implies, is it powered by an 18 V motor, which spins at 7,800 revolutions per minute. More of this product’s great features are highlighted and discussed below.

Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer

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So what exactly do you get with the Makita XRUo2Z 18V String Trimmer?

  • It is very light as it weighs only 6.4 pounds including the battery.
  • It comes with an adjustable telescopic handle, which makes it easier to use as you do not have to hunch over when using it. The shaft can be adjusted from 48½ inches to 56½ inches for the maximum cutting position.
  • It has an adjustable, pivoting head as well, which can easily move into different positions to adjust the cutting angle. This is especially useful when working in tight spaces.
  • It comes with a 10-inch cutting head, which allows you to quickly and easily deal with weeds and overgrowth.
  • It has feed trimmer head and easy loading bump, which is more convenient for the user.
  • It has a reinforced metal bump-feed button, which makes spool assembly easier to attach and rewind.
  • It is easy to maintain as it does not need oil or gas to work, and gives zero emissions.
  • It can run up to 6o minutes on a single charged battery. It also has a warning system that turns an indicator light on.
  • It is engineered to stop the motor automatically so that the user will know when it’s time to recharge the battery.
  • It has a built-in lock-off lever for more convenience.


  • It has an ergonomic design which is balanced well.
  • It is cordless, so you can have a greater degree of movement when using it.
  • It comes in a compact size, which makes it ideal for trimming and precise edging, especially in hard to reach places.
  • The battery charging takes less than 30 minutes, so you do not have to wait too long if it dies down while you are in the middle of cutting the grass.
  • It is very lightweight, making the job less exhausting and back breaking.


  • The battery and charger are sold separately, making it more expensive.
  • The line radius is a little too small, which makes it difficult to be used in some places.
  • It may be great for quick clean up and touch ups, but not really for serious weeding in large areas with thick grass.


The Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT String Trimmer is a good choice for a string trimmer if you are looking for a tool that can help you complete light and quick lawn maintenance. The fact that it is cordless and lightweight makes it a dependable tool, cleaning up weeds and grass quickly and easily.

If you have other Makita 18v tools or are planning to get some, then it is an even better idea to choose this string trimmer. It may be compact, but it has sufficient power and practical adjustments to make your job looking after the lawn easier.

However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty gardening tool, then you might want to rethink your options. If you expect to be doing a lot of heavy trimming and to dealing with thick, tall weeds and grass, the Makita XRU02Z might not perform very well.