How To Store a Backpack Leaf Blower To Make It Last Long

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Backpack leaf blowers have become a favorite tool by many homeowners due to their power and overall features. They operate more efficiently than a regular hand rake or regular leaf blower, making your lawn-cleaning task faster and easier.

However, these powerful machines require proper care. As such, you’ll need to know how to store a backpack leaf blower if you want it to last for a long time. Fortunately, there are storage options available that you can use.

Seven Suggested Storage Ideas for Backpack Leaf Blowers

There are many expert-recommended ways to store your backpack leaf blower, but the top ones are the following:

1. On the Wall

Hanging your leaf blower from a wall is one of the most frequently used methods. If you have a cramped space, hanging will keep it from the reach of children and pets when not in use. It not only makes it inaccessible from the floor but also can store the nozzle upright.

For this method, you need a pair of cradle hooks to accommodate the blower and the nozzle to use this method.

2. Garage Floor

If there is unused space in your garage and you’re reluctant to install hooks or spend money on materials, there’s a simple alternative. You can just “store” your leaf blower on the floor on a rubber or cardboard mat.

When you opt for this method, keep the engine of your backpack blower side down to ensure that it is safely placed on the ground. Also, to avoid unfortunate incidents, organize the tools inside your garage. Minimize the instances where people stumble over the nozzle or engine by keeping it away from where you frequently move around.

Backpack leaf blowers are not small, so you may have to clear up a section of your garage to store it properly. Throwing away unnecessary junk should also be considered to decrease the chance of damages and open up more space.

3. Ceiling

If your garage, basement, and garden shed are already crammed with tools and supplies, you might want to store your backpack blower on the ceiling.

Ceiling storage could be a terrific area to put your belongings, provided that you have the correct tools and knowledge. You may use hooks or a leaf blower hanger to transform your ceiling into storage for various equipment.

If you plan on storing more than your backpack leaf blower, you may also consider building a storage system on the ceiling. This is possible by using pull-ropes to lift and lower your items as needed, which is extremely useful if your ceiling has a high clearance.

how to store a backpack leaf blower

4. Under the Workbench

Assuming you have a workshop, it can be another excellent location for storing your backpack leaf blower.

The workstations on most home workshops are extended. You can store the leaf blower on top of the workstation whenever you’re not doing a project.

However, it could be cumbersome to temporarily store it elsewhere whenever you need the surface to work on. You can avoid this inconvenience by installing panels beneath the workstation to provide a storage room for your backpack leaf blower.

5. Unused Shelves

If you have extra shelves to spend, they may be the best solution on how to store a backpack leaf blower.

Before you put it on the shelf, keep in mind that leaf blowers are large and heavy. Make sure that the bottom is sturdy and has sufficient support.

6. DIY Storage Rack

Consider making your own or hiring a carpenter to make a custom-sized storage rack if you have ample space in the garage or workshop.

When you go for this storage option, expect to spend some dollars for tools, materials, and labor costs (if you hire a carpenter). The advantage of making your own rack is that you are free to choose your preferred dimensions.

7. Purchase a Storage Rack

If you don’t have the time to make a rack or lack the patience to complete one, you can just purchase a pre-built rack. Choose either a wooden or metal rack for density and longevity.

Both are large, robust, and long-lasting enough to fulfill your bulk storage needs in the garage or workshop. As mentioned earlier, backpack leaf blowers are quite heavy, which could be an issue when stored in a plastic rack.

Suggestions for Storing Backpack Leaf Blowers

Besides storage space, it’s important to follow some tips if you want to learn how to store a backpack leaf blower properly.

Keep Your Leaf Blower Clean

Your leaf blower should always be clean and free of dust and debris. Wiping down your backpack leaf blower after each use is an effective way to care for it.

You can use household materials such as liquid detergent, cloth, and warm water. While wiping, ensure that water doesn’t penetrate the engine inside.

Before cleaning, wait until your blower has lost all the heat and is completely cooled down. If possible, store it within the original packaging to maintain its cleanliness and free from pest infestation. Having it in a box will also keep the blower from getting tangled with other tools.

Make Sure It’s Accessible

Whether you opt to put the backpack leaf blower on hooks or keep it on a storage rack, be sure it is not too high off the floor. Always keep in mind that this type of leaf blower is large and costly machinery. 

Falling or being struck severely might cause serious internal injury. As such, always store it with solid consideration to accessibility to avoid inconveniences and accidents.


Like gas-powered backpack leaf blowers, proper maintenance helps extend your backpack leaf blower’s life and guarantees that it works the following year. Apart from cleaning it, you must also do the following regularly:

Inspect and Clean or Replace Its Filter

The leaf blower’s filter should have no debris, tear, wear, and damages. You can simply clean it with soapy water and rinse it with clean water if it’s dirty. Otherwise, replace it.

Inspect Its Hose

Also, always ensure that the leaf blower’s hose isn’t loose or has cracks. If it does have any of those, replace it immediately.

Make Your Leaf Blower Last Long

Backpack leaf blowers are a convenient way to clear vast outdoor areas of fallen leaves and other debris. The cost of these high-powered machines is not cheap. As such, it is critical to do proper maintenance regularly and store them properly to guarantee functionality for a long time.

Consider any of the suggestions above, but make sure the area is clean and dry all the time. Lastly, it may appear like caring for your backpack blower is a lot of extra effort, but protecting your investment is a worthy cause.