Dolmar Leaf Blower Review

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Have you ever tried skipping your yard maintenance schedule for months? The aftermath is never a pleasant thing. 

You may hate leaf-cutting and cleanups because they can get very exhausting. 

Fortunately, you can easily get a leaf blower to lighten the load for you.

It is vital to go for a brand with a good track record of making products that give good value for money.

You will surely encounter Dolmar when you look for the best leaf blower for home use in the market.

It is helpful to read Dolmar leaf blower reviews to figure out the best choice for you.

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The Dolmar Brand

Dolmar, also known as Makita Corporation, is an electric motor sales and repair company founded in 1915.

As of today, the brand has become global and has established a name in over 40 countries.

Dolmar started with Emil Lerp’s discovery of the “type a” petrol-driven chainsaw.

This then led to introducing the “type c” chainsaw that made it to Europe and overseas.

They marketed other innovations throughout different countries, including the “CF,” “CL,” “CP,” and dual-mass vibration damper system.

This continued until the year 1991 where the Makita Group took over Dolmar.

From that point on, Makita opened doors to new international markets and have released more astounding innovations. 

This includes their duplex-air-intake systems, power cutters, four-stroke chainsaws, hedge trimmers, and other gardening tools.

As of today, Makita creates tools with unmatched durability, power, and performance.

Hence, you will often see their designs and creations on various job sites around the globe.

Dolmar Leaf Blower Reviews

1. Makita XBU05Z Tool

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Are you looking for a cordless blower that can help you breeze through small to large yards and workspaces?

The Makita XBU05Z makes it to the list of the top models for this year for some good reasons.

It features a high-torque motor that makes three speeds available for use in varied applications.


You may have experienced problems with overheating while using a tool in the past.

The good news is that the Makita XBU05Z prevents it from happening.

This model’s safety features make it an excellent choice for many, but it offers more, such as:

  • Powerful and Ergonomic Build

You’ll never need to break a sweat using this Makita XBU01Z leaf blower.

Its nicely positioned controls let you easily get a grip of it and adjust it to your preferred setting.

It has a rubberized soft grip handle on top of it to achieve comfort at the maximum.

You can choose from three different settings, which can reach a maximum of 219 MPH.

The system has a comfortable weight of 4.1 pounds.

It’s also well balanced, making it easier on your stance and arms.

  • Lithium-Ion Slide-Style Batteries

This tool is powered by Makita 18V LXT lithium-ion batteries, which fall on the fast-charging line.

It lessens the downtime and lets you maximize your time for more important tasks throughout the day.

You also get to enjoy the Star Protection Computer Controls that lets you monitor your battery’s status.

It protects against overheating, overloading, and over-discharging. 

The Makita XBU05Z leaf blower is a powerful tool that can continuously run at high speed for up to 17 minutes.


  • Low maintenance
  • Variable speed control settings
  • Tolerable noise level
  • Doesn’t strain arms


  • MPH is not ideal for intensive cleaning and large spaces

2. Makita UB1103 Leaf Blower

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If you are looking for a go-to tool for an efficient and effective site or workshop cleanup, the Makita UB1103 Leaf Blower is one to check.

Those specs instantly tell any tool enthusiast that this makes leaf blowing and vacuuming a breeze.


Like most people, we all want to knock down a couple of tasks on our to-do list with less time and effort. 

The Makita UB1103 Blower makes this possible with its variable speed settings and functionality.

  • 145 CFM at 203 MPH

When purchasing a leaf blower, it’s essential to know how efficient and powerful it can be.

To put it simply, this tool makes it possible to play along with powerful variable speed settings in small and large areas.

  • Cord Lock

Since this comes with a corded design, the worry of having it unplugged during use is always there.

However, this leaf blower comes with a cord lock mechanism that keeps it plugged in place when in use.

  • Handheld Design

In terms of handling, the Makita UB1103 Leaf Blower is one of the most straightforward tools to operate.

It comes with a handheld design that contributes to its comfort and ease of use.

It weighs 4.3 pounds, which makes it easy to carry even for extended periods.

  • Variable Speed Settings

Since Makita is known for targeting precision and versatility, this tool comes with a variable speed setting.

You can easily switch to the speed level you need and enjoy more precision and control as you go.

  • Vacuum Function

The Makita UB1103 is called a “blower vac” for a reason.

With this at hand, you can blow leaves and debris in an instant. 

You also get to switch its vacuum function on to collect all of them in a bag.


  • Easy to carry and handle
  • Handy leaf collection bag
  • Powerful blowing and vacuum function
  • Convenient and versatile
  • Excellent control and precision when in use


  • Noise produced can be bothersome 
  • Unimpressive maximum air volume

3. Makita DUB183Z Leaf Blower

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If you want to skip the cord and go for a cordless option, you have to check out Makita DUB183Z.

It is an excellent cleanup tool that delivers a superior power-to-weight ratio despite its cordless design. 

Its ergonomics and versatility make this a go-to tool for workers on-site or in workshops.


Go through your lawn maintenance and cleanup routines with utmost convenience and mobility with the Makita DUB183Z.

Enjoy a variety of features that you can use anytime, anywhere with less maintenance.

Let’s take a deep dive into the features that put Makita DUB183Z among other popular leaf blower models.

  • Battery Capacity

This model carries an 18V LXT 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery that can deliver a continuous operation of 18 minutes at high speed.

  • Ergonomically Designed Handle

Those who have trouble carrying tools for prolonged periods will find this tool refreshing to use.

That is because it comes with a handle equipped with a soft rubberized grip that promotes optimum comfort when in use.

  • Convenient Design

Apart from being cordless, this comes with a curved flat-end nozzle for varying applications.

This design requires no maintenance and does not produce fumes, making it safer for everyone.

Since it is battery-operated, you can spare yourself from unnecessary trips to get oil or gas to use the Makita DUB183Z.

  • Three-Speed Motor With No Load Speed

This model comes with a three-speed motor that produces air velocity with a maximum of 116 MPH and 91 CFM air volume.

You can easily set your speed requirement to have better control and precision in your choice of application. 


  • Versatile
  • No maintenance required
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to use
  • Maximum mobility
  • Powerful despite cordless design


  • Not ideal for heavy use and large spaces

4. Makita EB7650TH Leaf Blower

41JaM NE20L. SL500

Have you ever wanted the performance of a cleaner-burning four-stroke engine combined with no fuel mixing and less noise?

The Makita EB7650TH makes this possible.

It is a step up from the former two-stroke motor designs and can work great for all garden and lawn work types. 

The best part about this is that it comes in a backpack design that makes it easier to use and carry.


The Makita EB7650TH is designed with a mechanical automatic engine decompression that allows easy and quick starts.

Some of its features that you need to make a note of before deciding to purchase it are as follows:

  • 670 CFM and 200 MPH

This gas-powered blower has a max air volume of 670 CFM and an airspeed of 200 MPH max.

It guarantees excellent power for all types of applications, especially when combined with its variable speed settings.

  • Ergonomic Design

The Makita EB7650TH sports a backpack design and weighs about 24.1 pounds.

Even better, it has a large grip for easy handling and transport.  

Its shoulder straps allow a more comfortable fitting through multiple adjustments.

It also comes with pads for re-shouldering and easier shape retention.

Expect maximum comfort because of its padded back panel, which facilitates better ventilation.

You can also adjust the Makita EB7650TH Leaf Blower’s handle to your liking without the use of tools.

Apart from these, it has anti-vibration mounts between the engine and frame for better control and comfort.

  • Engine and Noise Production

The Makita EB7650TH Leaf Blower has an MM4 engine with a displacement spec of 75.6cc. 

It is easy to operate and convenient because it doesn’t require a mix of oil and gas, unlike other models.

As for its noise production, it falls under the average decibel rating of 76.


  • Good value for money
  • Comfortable to wear and use
  • Easy to adjust
  • No maintenance
  • Powerful and versatile


  • Awkward fit for some body types
  • Not too quiet as compared to other models

5. Makita XBU03SM1 Leaf Blower

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Are you looking for a lightweight electronic leaf blower that features an ergonomic design?

If you are, then you better consider the Makita XBU03SM1 18V LXT Brushless Cordless Blower Kit.

It has become among the favorites for residential and commercial use.


One of the top models for this year, the Makita XBU03SM1 Leaf Blower is packed with features that everyone can enjoy.

Claimed to be the most powerful blower in its class, let’s get into details as to why it is among the best in the market. 

  • 116 MPH and 459 CFM

This cordless blower can release a maximum air volume of 459 CFM and an airspeed of 116 MPH max.

Since it comes with a brushless battery-operated motor, you can expect a powerful operation without mobility restrictions.

This Makita XBU03SM1 is perfect for varied applications and wide spaces.

  • Lithium-Ion LXT Battery

This tool sports an LXT battery technology that gives you convenient and efficient operations at all times.

Its battery has the capability of running up to 30 minutes at high power when fully charged.

This technology allows this tool to deliver a performance that is at par with other non-cordless options. 

It also has an efficient brushless motor geared to optimize battery energy and extends its run time to 50% than other similar models.

Up to date, this is considered one of the most powerful forms of battery technology present in lightweight tool options.

It gives added protection to the battery because it channels water and dust away from the blower’s major components.

You can also rest assured that it comes with a fast charge time, minimizing downtime and charging times.

  • Variable Speed Settings

Since the Makita XBU03SM1 comes in a handheld design, you will definitely have more mobility.

This is guaranteed with less fatigue and exhaustion because this leaf blower only weighs 6.5 pounds.

In terms of versatility, it guarantees better control and precision with its variable speed settings.

You can also take advantage of its cruise control feature that sets the blower in a fixed and stable setting when in use.

  • Noise Level and Emissions

We can say that at 60dB, this model has an average noise operation compared to standard blowers.

It has zero emissions, which means it doesn’t produce fumes that can impact the user or the environment.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy operation and handling 
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use
  • Allows maximum mobility
  • Can be used in several applications


  • Battery issues can come up after some time

Our Final Recommendations

Getting a reliable leaf blower is essential to get the job done without reaching a point of exhaustion and wasting time. 

After our detailed Dolmar leaf blower reviews, we came up with a winner. 

The Makita XBU03SM1 Leaf Blower takes the number one spot because of its value for money, impressive battery features, and versatility.

Next on the list is the Makita XBU05Z for its performance, design, and battery capabilities.

Regardless of your choice, you can be sure that Dolmar stands by its promise to give you the best tools in the market.