Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers

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With the best walk behind leaf blower, you can take the hassle out of yard work.

These intuitively designed tools help homeowners and professional landscapers manage an assortment of outdoor debris.

Instead of relying on traditional blowers, it could be time to reach for the most heavy-duty tools you have in your shed.

Whether you’re looking for a more advanced leaf blower or a tool to deal with compacted debris, walk-behind leaf blowers are ideal.

Let’s delve into five of the top-rated options you’ll love for personal and professional jobs.

Comparison Chart

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Landworks Wheeled Walk Behind Leaf Blower
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Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf and Debris Blower
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Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower
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SuperHandy Wheeled Walk Behind Leaf Blower
Little Wonder 9270-02-01 Optimax Push Blower

5 Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers

1. Landworks Leaf Blower

410mQKKt3EL. SL500

The Landworks Leaf Blower is designed with super-duty features that you’ll love having at your disposal.

With a manual-propelled design, you’ll have complete control over maintaining your property.

There’s no doubt it’s one of the most high-powered models you’ll find.


Let’s jump into some of the most impressive highlights of the Landworks Leaf Blower.

  • Professional Design

At first glance, it’s easy to see this leaf blower is designed with professionals in mind.

It boasts a four-stroke seven horsepower engine with incredible power to weight ratio.

You’ll find it features a force speed of up to 200 MPH paired with airspeeds as high as 2000 CFM.

  • Heavy-Duty Impeller

Another impressive feature of the leaf blower is that it boasts a 13.5” metal impeller, useful for optimal control.

When paired with the high maximum rotation speed of 3600 RPMs, you’ll have a pretty powerful beast at your fingertips.

  • Durable Design

When investing in heavy-duty lawn equipment, you need to ensure they’re designed with resilience in mind.

The Landworks Leaf Blower features rust-resistant steel, specially treated so that it lasts after years of use.

You’ll easily be able to use this blower in all seasons, helping to keep your property free and clear of debris.

  • Impressive Wheel Design

One of the most essential features of walk behind blowers is their wheels, as they determine maneuverability.

This model has ten-inch rear wheels paired with an eight-inch 360-degree front swivel wheel.

You’ll find that navigating through rugged terrain has never been simpler, and you can effortlessly traverse your entire property.

  • Leaf and Snow Blower

As mentioned, the Landworks Leaf Blower is designed to be used throughout every season.

With the help of the adjustable flow angle, you can position the chute to blow snow or leaves away from your yard.

Also, the added rust resistance helps to protect the steel during the winter when blowing snow off your property.


  • Built sturdily
  • Heavy-duty features
  • Superb handling
  • High-quality all-terrain rear wheels


  • Produces a lot of vibration
  • Lacks front wheel support

2. Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf and Debris Blower

41TXlYkvRaL. SL500

The Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf and Debris Blower is a fantastic solution for property owners looking for a straightforward leaf blower.

Its no-nonsense design makes it easy to use, even if you’ve never tried your hand at a walk-behind model before.

You’ll also find it features many high-end components designed for durability and longevity.


Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive features of the Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf and Debris Blower.

  • Briggs and Stratton Engine

By far, the most impressive component of this walk-behind blower is its built-in 305cc Briggs and Stratton engine.

You’ll find this model starts significantly easier than with other blowers, and it also runs reliably over time.

With the integration of its cast-iron sleeve, you have added durability while also meeting CARB emissions criteria.

  • High-Powered

When upgrading from a handheld or backpack leaf blower to a walk-behind model, you need to ensure you’ll have more power.

The Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf and Debris Blower provides plenty of airspeed and power at 200 MPH and 2000 CFM.

You’ll find that clearing away dry and wet yard waste and debris has never been more efficient.

  • Smooth Operation

With the integration of the durable impeller, this model can transform your yard cleanup with ease.

It’s significantly smoother than backpack and handheld blowers, allowing you to combine high-powered benefits with lightweight features.

Overall, it’s one of the most balanced leaf blowers you’ll find.

  • Adjustable Deflector

With an adjustable deflector, you can easily decide where you want your yard waste to end up after being removed.

You’ll quickly be able to divert the air up, down, sideways, or forward without requiring tools or bending over.

The Merry Mac Walk-Behind Leaf and Debris Blower is one of the easiest blowers to adjust.

  • Durable Frame

Another significant feature that contributes to this unit’s durability is its three-wheel frame.

You’ll find the two rear wheels and single front wheel make it easier to manage over all types of terrain.

As an added benefit, the loop handle also features an anti-vibration grip for adding comfort.


  • Easily assembled
  • Great weight to power ratio
  • High-powered for most debris
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Not ideal for large leaf piles
  • Requires specific gas to oil ratio

3. Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower

51JIitEulfL. SL500

If you’re tired of spending hours putting lawn tools together, the Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower is a fantastic alternative.

The unit arrives pre-assembled, allowing you to get the most out of your new blower right out of the box.

It’s also jam-packed with a ton of great features to streamline your yard management.


Let’s get into some of the most impressive highlights of the Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower.

  • Easy Start System

It’s time that you stopped struggling with your old leaf blower by trying to get it to start in cool weather.

The innovative Easy Start System built into this unit helps you start your projects significantly faster than ever before.

With the special fuel delivery, you’ll find it takes a couple of seconds to get the unit up and running.

  • Improved Air Volume

As one of the most important specs to look at with leaf blowers, you’ll love the CFM rating of this unit.

It allows for 1200 CFM, which is four times more air volume than a standard backpack blower.

There’s no doubt this would be a significant upgrade from your existing blower.

  • Balanced Design

Reduced vibration is one of the essential features to look for in a quality walk-behind blower.

This model features a unique steel fan that’s perfectly balanced to help reduce vibrations.

You’ll likely experience less hand fatigue and discomfort while maneuvering the blower across your property.

  • Easily Maneuverable

As mentioned, this blower is one of the easiest to use on all types of terrain.

It features two 12” rear wheels and a front swivel wheel, allowing you to navigate through your property effortlessly.

  • Adjustable Vane and Chute

Managing where your debris is thrown while cleaning up your yard is of the utmost importance.

The Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower features an adjustable chute and vane, allowing you to customize its positioning up to 15 degrees.

After blowing, this feature makes yard cleanup significantly more efficient.

  • High-Quality Engine

There’s no doubt the engine built into this blower is designed for heavy-duty projects.

You’ll have a 163cc OHV engine that offers just under seven pounds per foot of torque.


  • Works excellent with fresh debris
  • Reduces back pain and fatigue
  • Cleans up larger leaf piles
  • Useful for medium to large properties


  • Low-quality front swivel wheel
  • Air intake clogs frequently

4. SuperHandy Leaf-Snow Blower

51kGkY3ParL. SL500

When buying a walk-behind blower, you’ll undoubtedly want a model suitable for all seasons.

The SuperHandy Leaf-Snow Blower is a fantastic solution for leaf and snow cleanup.

There are plenty of great features you’re bound to put to good use with this manual propelled model.


Let’s review some of the most significant highlights of the SuperHandy Leaf-Snow Blower.

  • High-Performance Design

Many specs make this blower one of the more high-performance models on the market.

The four-stroke single-cylinder OHV gas engine features seven horsepower and 212cc.

On average, it has maximum wind speeds up to 200 MPH and up to 2000 CFM.

With the help of the industrial-size 13.5” metal impeller, you’ll have maximum rotation speeds of 3600 RPMs.

Overall, it’s a fantastic solution for having better control of managing yard waste and debris.

  • All-Season Use

As mentioned, this blower is designed for summer, fall, spring, and winter use.

All of the steel components have been specially heat-treated and are fully rust-resistant.

  • All-Terrain Wheels

Like most walk-behind blowers, you’ll find the SuperHandy Leaf-Snow Blower features all-terrain wheels.

At the rear, there are two ten-inch wheels, while the front has a single eight-inch 360-degree swivel front wheel.

  • Adjustable Flow Angle

Adjusting the flow angle of your blower gives you more control of where your debris winds up.

This model is more versatile than others, offering a 90-degree flow angle for ease of use.


  • More powerful than backpack blowers
  • Effortlessly moves dry leaves
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Intuitively designed


  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Lower-quality wheels

5. Little Wonder 9270-02-01 Optimax Push Blower

The impressive number of advanced features in the Little Wonder 9270-02-01 Optimax Push Blower makes it a fantastic solution.

There’s no doubt this model will be a considerable upgrade compared to your old handheld or backpack blower.

It also has a modern style that will pair easily with your other contemporary lawn maintenance equipment.


There are several great features that the Little Wonder 9270-02-01 Optimax Push Blower can bring to your lawn.

Let’s take a look at some of its best highlights.

  • Advanced Design

There’s no doubt the overall design of this unit is a significant upgrade from older models.

You’ll find the entire body is designed to be more aerodynamic paired with the advanced impeller schematics.

Compared to other blowers, this model has the highest level of airflow with more fuel conservation.

  • Split-Stream Air Deflector

When it comes to moving leaves from one area to another, this model is a fantastic solution.

It offers split-stream air deflecting, moving leaves significantly farther than ever before.

Also, you won’t have to worry about the downside of blowback, making it easier to organize your piles for cleanup.

  • Large Discharge Chute

The large, square discharge chute on this model is recommended when tackling large piles of leaves and debris.

The chute is also placed lower to the ground so you can take advantage of improved blowing power.

With the scrolled housing, you’ll have a consistent stream of airflow, even if leaves block the chute.

  • Ergonomic Design

Having an ergonomic handle at your disposal will make your walk-behind blower easier to manage.

Not only is it height adjustable, but it also boasts an anti-vibration grip, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

  • Easily Transported

The convenient portability of this blower is a remarkable feature, especially for professional landscapers.

You’ll find a built-in transport bracket that makes the blower easier to tie down when moving from one site to another.

Also, the lift handle makes it simpler to take out of the bed of your truck.

  • Powerful Design

Aside from all of the conveniences, the base specs for the Little Wonder 9270-02-01 Optimax Push Blower are very impressive.

The four-cycle 270cc engine offers speeds up to 143 MPH as well as airflow as high as 2260.

With the integration of the seven-blade steel impeller curve blades, your airflow is incredibly powerful and efficient.


  • Starts easily and quietly
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Comfortable for large jobs
  • Heavy-duty frame design


  • Swivel wheels purchased separately
  • It would be better with self-propel options

Walk-Behind Leaf Blower FAQs

1. Is a Walk-Behind Leaf Blower Worth It?

Walk-behind leaf blowers can be well worth the investment depending on the size of your property.

If you typically deal with thick and heavy debris, the increased power of these models is ideal.

Instead of trying to blow wet leaves off the ground with a handheld blower, walk-behind models handle the challenging work.

2. Is Higher CFM Better for Leaf Blower?

CFM is one of the most important things to look for when you begin shopping for a leaf blower.

Regardless of whether your model is handheld or walk-behind, CFM determines how much power it offers.

The higher the CFM rating, the more powerful the blower will be, allowing it to handle more heavy-duty projects.

With that said, there are plenty of other features that can affect the efficiency of your new yard tool.

You’ll also want to consider its impeller size, RPMs, MPH, and ergonomic features.

3. What Is a Good Speed for a Leaf Blower?

When shopping for a walk-behind leaf blower, you’ll be looking for a higher CFM than with handheld or backpack models.

Typically, walk-behind blowers are high-powered, with the less powerful models starting from 900 to 1000 CFM.

Ideally, you’ll want to opt for a model with a minimum of 1100 CFM to ensure it can handle all types of debris.

If you’re concerned about MPH, a minimum of 180 to 200 MPH is a good starting point.

Professional landscapers could be better suited with a combination of higher MPH and higher CFM, especially for large properties.

On the other hand, most residential properties can be perfectly served by a moderately powered leaf blower.

4. How Do You Use a Walk-Behind Blower?

Walk-behind blowers are pretty easy to use, especially if you’re accustomed to other types of gas blowers.

As its name suggests, it’s a leaf blower that you’ll push from behind, allowing the device to pick up and shoot leaves into a pile.

With that said, each model has different steps for operation depending on the features they have.

It’s best if you look at the user instructions for your specific model to ensure you’re using it properly.

Otherwise, you could cause irreversible engine damage or miss out on some great features.

With most models, you’ll need to use a specific gas to oil ratio in the fuel tank, start the unit, and then push.

By holding down the throttle, you can adjust the speed of the blower as you work your way across your property.

Also, you’ll likely want to consider adjusting the chute to ensure leaves are blown in the right direction.

After you’ve finished blowing, you can pick up the debris and put it into a compost pile or yard waste bags.

5. How Does a Walk-Behind Leaf Blower Work?

When learning how walk-behind leaf blowers work, you’ll focus primarily on the engine.

The gasoline engine provides power to fan blades that rotate at incredible speeds, also known as RPMs.

By creating centrifugal force, the blower sucks air into the fan, pushing air out through the nozzle.

The air pushed through the nozzle is then used to move leaves into a specific spot on your property.

Overall, the process sounds relatively complicated, but these units are designed to handle the hard work for you.

When using your walk-behind blower for the first time, it’s important to consult the specific instructions for your model.

You’ll need to fill the fuel tank with the proper fuel to oil ratio and use a pull cord or button to start the engine.

Once the engine has been started, you pull a trigger or throttle to begin the device’s blowing power.

Learning how to maneuver could be significantly different if you have a self-propelled or manually-propelled blower. 

What Is the Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower?

The best walk behind leaf blower is undoubtedly the Little Wonder 9270-02-01 Optimax Push Blower with its distinctive features.

It’s powerful and designed for beginners and advanced landscaping professionals.

You’ll also love how easy it is to maintain, making it easier to keep it in its best condition over multiple seasons.