Best Leaf Blower for Home Use

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When searching for the best leaf blower for home use, you’ll have a wide variety of models to consider.

Each has an assortment of features ranging from powerful motors to ergonomic handles.

To help you find the best leaf blower for your property, let’s look at five of the best options.

5 Best Leaf Blowers For Home Use

Comparison Chart

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BLACK+DECKER LB700 Electric Leaf Blower
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SnapFresh BBT-YOR01 Leaf Blower
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Greenworks 24252 Cordless Leaf Blower
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EGO Power+ LB4803 Leaf Blower

1. BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower

31u0LIWOhRS. SL500

BLACK+DECKER is a reputable tool manufacturer that specializes in user-friendly equipment.

You’ll find their electric leaf blower is a fantastic addition to your tool collection for an assortment of jobs.


There are several key features of the BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower that you’ll love to have on hand.

  • Efficient Motor

With the BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower, you’ll have plenty of power to handle debris across your property.

This model is designed with a seven-amp motor, offering power up to 180mph and 180cfm.

Working with leaves on your deck, sidewalks, lawn, or driveway has never been simpler.

  • Electric and Corded

If you’ve never been a fan of gas-powered tools, you’ll love that this tool doesn’t require any fuel for operation.

Instead, it’s electric with a corded design, making it ready to use throughout the year.

Fortunately, it also features a built-in cord retention system that allows you to move more freely across your property.

  • Lightweight

It can be challenging to manage a heavy leaf blower, especially if you’re using one for the first time.

The BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower weighs less than five pounds, making it easy to wield for extended periods.

  • One-Handed Grip

There’s no doubt that everyone will be able to put this blower to good use, thanks to its user-friendly design.

The integrated handles feature a one-handed grip with extra comfort for superior control.

Compared to other lightweight blowers, the BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower feels far more ergonomic.


  • Very easy to handle
  • Perfect for light debris
  • Quickly assembled
  • Could work with wet leaves


  • Generates a high-pitch tone
  • Could require an extension cord

2. SnapFresh Leaf Blower

41nLNQjcCPL. SL500

The SnapFresh Leaf Blower is a fantastic, affordable option for homeowners to have their first leaf blower.

As an entry-level model, it boasts a substantial amount of power for everyday tasks.


Let’s review some of the more impressive features that the SnapFresh Leaf Blower has to offer.

  • Advanced Motor Design

By far, the most impressive component of this blower is its advanced motor design, crafted from high-quality copper.

You’ll also find it features turbo engine tech, allowing you to wield more power with lower energy consumption.

On average, you should be able to achieve an air output of approximately 130mph for everyday household tasks.

  • Turbocharging

Along with the boastful turbo tech in the motor, this blower also comes with a turbocharger.

Since it’s electric, you’ll love how quickly its battery receives a charge, making it ready to use.

With that said, it can always be beneficial to invest in a second battery as a backup, so you never run out of power.

  • Dual Speeds

When you use your new blower for the first time, you’ll notice two distinct speed settings.

Users can choose between low and high, depending on the type of debris they’re managing.

The low setting offers airspeeds of 60mph while the high setting gets up to 130mph.

  • Cordless

Compared to other electric blowers, this model is easier to wield, especially for larger properties.

It is entirely cordless, which means you won’t have to worry about working close to an outlet.

Also, you can save on having to purchase outdoor extension cords.

  • Lightweight and Ergonomic

As the SnapFresh Leaf Blower isn’t gas-powered, it’s incredibly lightweight and easy for first-time users.

Its lightweight body is also designed to be ergonomic, allowing you to control the blower with ease.

Overall, its weight is under three pounds, making it comfortable to use with a single hand.

Another impressive detail that adds to its comfort is the built-in grip.

On the handle, you’ll notice a flexible rubber material that helps you hold onto the blower with ease.

It’s a remarkable feature, especially for hot summer days since you won’t worry about hand slippage.

  • Long-Lasting Battery

When you have a full charge with your blower’s battery, it will run for up to an hour without interruption.

If you need a quick charge, you can opt to get up to 15 minutes or 20 minutes worth of work.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Plenty of power for residential use
  • Low noise
  • Useful battery light indicators


  • Not recommended for damp leaves
  • The battery can die quickly

3. Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

410J1cDv6YS. SL500

As another powerful brand for professional and residential outdoor tools, Greenworks has many useful features to offer.

With the Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower, you’ll have a good source of power for handling most types of debris.


Let’s review some of the best features the Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower has to offer.

  • Lithium-Ion Battery

There’s nothing better than having electric lawn tools designed with high-quality batteries.

The Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower doesn’t disappoint, offering a GMAX 40-volt 2.0 amp lithium-ion battery.

Compared to other blowers, this upgraded battery offers a significantly longer run time with better power.

  • Variable Speed Control

One of the more impressive features of this tool is that it has variable speed control, a component typically found in high-end blowers.

With the throttle, you can choose from several different speeds, up to 150mph, ideal for most jobs.

  • Extension Tube

Instead of trying to manage your blower to get into hard-to-reach places, this model comes with an extension tube.

The extension tube allows you to reach further without bending and contorting.

Also, it helps improve your overall efficiency so you can finish jobs faster.

  • Lightweight Design

A lightweight blower is a fantastic option for beginners, as they’re the easiest to control.

You’ll find that this model can be used by relatively anyone in your home to manage your property.

  • Less Noise

It’s well-known that Greenworks tools produce less noise than your average landscaping equipment.

Fortunately, the Greenworks 40V Cordless Leaf Blower is perfect for quiet neighborhoods, as it’s far more subdued.


  • Lightweight
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Lasts up to 45 minutes
  • Recharges quickly


  • Contains plastic parts
  • Battery charger has poor longevity

4. DEWALT 20V MAX Blower

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If you’re a fan of DEWALT tools, you’ll appreciate the power of the DEWALT 20V MAX Blower.

Its straightforward design makes it a fan favorite, especially for managing smaller projects.


There are a few key features to consider with the DEWALT 20V MAX Blower.

  • Battery-Operated

This tool is designed to be entirely cordless for your convenience, making it easier to walk around your property.

The battery-operated design provides a reasonable amount of power with quick charging for more prolonged use.

Also, you’ll find it’s more lightweight than gas-powered blowers.

  • Adequate Motor

The DEWALT 20V MAX Blower isn’t the most potent residential blower on the market, but it’s sufficient for lightweight jobs.

You’ll get up to 400cfm as well as 90mph, which should manage light debris, like grass clippings, easily.

As an added benefit, the motor is brushless, which helps optimize the device’s runtime while preserving its lifespan.

  • Maximum Air Output

With a higher air output, you’ll find your blower’s motor will last a significantly longer time.

This model features an axial fan design that also helps improve its runtime by reducing heat production.

  • Ergonomic Design

The unique ergonomic design of this tool helps make it easier to handle and control.

You’ll begin to notice a significant reduction in arm stress, limiting the amount of fatigue you experience.

  • Variable Speed Trigger

It’s effortless to find the best speeds for your property with the DEWALT 20V MAX Blower.

It features a variable speed trigger and a speed lock, allowing you to effortlessly control the tool’s power.


  • Quieter than expected
  • Comfortable for everyday use
  • Convenient adjustable throttle
  • Finishes jobs quickly


  • Low-quality battery design
  • The battery dies quickly

5. EGO Power+ LB4803 Cordless Leaf Blower

31YcKhR37VL. SL500

The EGO Power+ LB4803 Cordless Leaf Blower packs a powerful punch, helping you finish your yard work faster than expected.

It also has a lightweight design, making it perfect for any homeowner looking for a straightforward, user-friendly tool.


Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive features this blower has to offer.

  • Turbine Fan Engineering

The overall quality of this tool’s motor is one of its most spectacular features.

It boasts turbine fan engineering, allowing you to unlock a maximum airflow of up to 480cfm.

This level of power is more than sufficient for the majority of household tasks.

  • Longer Run Time

Compared to other cordless leaf blowers, this model has extensive battery life.

With a full charge, you’ll have up to 75 minutes of continuous runtime.

Also, the included battery is a part of the EGO POWER+ charger community, allowing you to interchange batteries quickly.

  • Weather-Resistant

The unique design of this blower makes it the perfect option for all-season use.

You’ll love its weather-resistant protection, allowing you to use it in the sun, rain, and even snow.

  • Brushless Motor

With the integration of a brushless motor, you can take advantage of top-tier performance.

Not only will the motor last longer, but it’s also quieter and requires far less maintenance.

  • Variable Speed

On the top of the blower, you’ll see a unique switch that allows you to capitalize on even more control.

With the variable speed dial, you can choose specific speeds from low to high, helping you efficiently manage any job.


  • Charges quickly
  • Powerful like gas
  • Quick battery changes
  • Lightweight


  • Poor battery longevity
  • Dies quickly on full power

Final Recommendation

The BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower is the best leaf blower for home use, especially if you’re looking for reliability.

Instead of having a cordless rechargeable battery, this device requires a cord, giving you access to consistent power.

Also, its airspeeds are well-rounded for the vast majority of household tasks.