Best Gas Weed Eater: The Top 5 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2019

Trimming Grass with String

As a homeowner with a lawn, no matter the size of it, you know how tedious it can be to maintain a perfectly-manicured lawn without paying the big bucks.

However, with the development of technology, specifically in the field of gardening machinery and tools, this daunting task is becoming easier every day.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the many alternatives for a weed eater that are available and listing the 5 best gas weed eaters available on the market.

What Are Weed Eaters?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term weed eater, it’s another word for a ‘trimmer’. Actually, it’s a brand name that got so familiar that people are now using it instead of the original name. It’s a gardening tool that trims the grass using a monofilament line instead of a blade.

Most models come with automatic feeding of a new string when the old string wears out. They operate using electric, gasoline or battery-powered engines.

Things to Consider before Buying

If you’re unaware of what to look for in a string trimmer, it can be overwhelming to see the various models available and not know how to differentiate between them.

Fear not though, as we’ll tell you about a few things to take into consideration as you choose the model that best suits your needs.


String trimmers come in a wide range of weights. Choosing the incorrect weight can wear you out significantly as you tend to your garden.

You can find the weight of the trimmer on the manufacturer’s website if they have it willingly listed under “item weight”, but be careful not to confuse it with the shipping weight.

They’re different because retailers ship them in cardboard boxes of different thicknesses that may have foam or packing plastic, so the overall shipping weight will be considerably higher than the weight of the trimmer itself.


If you believe that a 4-stroke engine is twice as powerful as a 2-stroke engine, we’re afraid that it’s just a myth. That’s because if they have the same horsepower or cc, they’ll be equally effective in getting the job done.

The 2-stroke difference reflects more efficient lubrication, as it changes the way the oil is delivered to the moving parts of the weed eater, leading to an overall longer life of the engine.

Both types use gasoline, as well as oil for lubrication, but the 2-stroke engine will require that you manually mix them to get the 50:1 ratio that it requires.

2-stroke engines start faster and are lighter in weight. They have fewer parts, so they require low maintenance and produce little to no vibrations. 

Although its power capacity is high, it’s considered noisier than a 4-stroke engine.

Shaft Type

There are two types of shafts in a weed eater, curved or straight. They come in a variety of lengths, which is an important factor to consider depending on your own height.

If you’re tall, make sure you choose a shaft that’s long so you won’t have to bend over as you work, which will be extremely tedious if you have a large yard.

Curved shafts are best for trimming large areas, as well as get to the hard to reach areas without much effort since they’re easy to move around.

However, getting under a bush is a task for a straight-shaft trimmer, as the head is further away from the handle, meaning you’ll reach more places.

5 Best Gas Weed Eaters

In an attempt to make your life easier, here’s a list of the top 5 gas-operated weed eaters of 2019.

1. Husqvarna Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer 128LD

Husqvarna Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer 128LD

Using Smart Start technology, you’ll have the 28cc engine running in just one or two pulls. The engine operates using both gas and oil, with 2-speed cycles and a cable drive with strong braided wire.

The air pure technology of the engine drains the air from the carburetor and fuel system. However, the carburetor may need adjustment before use.

It’s a lightweight model of 10.8 pounds with a detachable, easy-to-use handle that makes it easier to store and transport. It has a 17” cutting width, which will get the job done faster if you own a large yard.

Many alternative attachments are available that can be substituted for the trimmer like brush cutter, hedge trimmer, tiller, and sweeper. This reflects the good value for the money you paid.

Its downsides are that it’s noisier than other models, becomes stuck by heavy weeds and its curved shaft is short for people over 6’ tall (only 40 inches).

It’s the best to clear overgrown branches and keep your hedges trimmed and in shape. 


  • Smart Start technology allows quick start of the engine
  • Variety of attachments
  • Semi-auto spool feeding
  • Detachable handle for easier storage and portability
  • Good value for money
  • Two-year warranty


  • Can become bogged down in heavy weeds
  • Noisier than electric models
  • Short shaft for people over 6’ tall
HITACHI CG23ECPSL 22.5cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Solid Steel Drive Shaft String Trimmer

Just over 10 pounds, this model uses a 22.5cc engine to operate at a high power capacity while keeping harmful emissions to a minimum. 

Since it’s a 2-stroke engine, you’ll have to make sure you use the right mixture of oil and fuel. 

It uses an S-start recoil system that starts up the engine easily and has an anti-vibration mechanism, which eliminates the trimmer from vibrating and exhausting you as you work for long periods.

The long shaft, less than 70”, makes it perfect for tall people and reaching all corners without much effort along with the 15” cutting width. 

Its only downsides are that the bump head which feeds out more string doesn’t always dispense properly, making it hard to use and that it’s a weighty model compared to others with the same engine power.


  • S-start recoil system
  • Anti-vibration mechanism makes trimming less tiring
  • Environmentally-friendly, as it produces less harmful emissions
  • Long shaft suitable for reaching corners
  • Seven-year warranty for consumers and one-year for rental use


  • You’ll have to manually mix oil and fuel to the right ratio
  • Bump head doesn’t dispense string properly
Troy-Bilt TB25S EC 25cc 2-Cycle Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer

Although it’s small in size, this is a very heavy weed eater at 15.95 pounds. Consumers believe this reflects the highly durable material it’s made of.

The 14” inch cutting width makes it suitable for smaller spaces and the multi-position handle of the straight shaft makes it more comfortable and easier to carry around.

It operates using a 25cc engine, with a spring-assisted starter that runs 2 cycles, but you’ll probably require a JumpStart attachment to start the motor faster.

More attachments can convert the trimmer to an edger, blower, hedge trimmer or a cultivator.

The only manual thing about this model is the threading of the fixed-line head, but it’s easy to be done.


  • Small in size, which makes it easy to carry
  • High durability
  • Can be transformed into other tools using the many attachments available
  • 2-year warranty


  • Heavy-weight
  • Doesn’t start as fast and as easy as other models
  • The overall price is bumped up by buying the many attachments
Poulan Pro PR25SD, 16 in. 25cc Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Here’s another 25cc engine model that runs 2 cycles, but what makes it better is that it has a SureFire fuel delivery system that increases the cutting power output, as well as efficiency.

It’s multi-purpose and can support up to 5 attachments, but they have to be bought individually which drives up the initial price of the weed eater. It, however, comes with a pre-mixed oil and fuel mixture for your initial use.

It weighs 14 pounds, which is heavy, a shaft with a length of 40 inches and has a cutting width of 17 inches. The medium-sized shaft is perfect to get to every corner.

It has a spring-enhanced start off and a dual-line feed, which makes it simple and fast to replace the worn-out string.

On the other hand, consumers have complained about durability problems for heavy daily usage and it’s not really cheap considering the material it’s made of. The loose handle doesn’t allow much control or accuracy.


  • Easy to assemble, use and maintain
  • Can be transformed into a blower, edger, pruner, pole cutter or cultivator
  • Pre-mixed oil and fuel mixture for initial use
  • Efficient with a high power output
  • Dual-line feed makes for quick and easy replacement of strings


  • Expensive relative to the material it’s made of
  • Attachments add to the price
Homelite 26cc Gas Powered 17 in. Curved Shaft Trimmer

It operates using a 26cc, 2-cycle engine that produces low emissions, which makes it perfect for those who care about the environment, but still want a powerful model.

It has a small fuel tank that facilitates its portability and storage, but makes it less efficient for large yards, as it’ll have to be refilled. 

With a weight of 14 pounds and a cutting width of 17 inches, this model produces less noise and a fast start off using the quick-fire technology of the carburetor. 

The medium-sized shaft enables you to reach short grass and weeds without having to bend over, to prevent fatigue.


  • Powerful 26cc engine
  • Low fume emissions, perfect for the environment
  • Reel-Easy dual-line bump feature makes it easy to feed the string


  • It may stall sometime and the engine will need to be restarted
  • Bump head feeds trimmer line inconsistently

Wrap Up

Looking for the perfect model of a gas weed eater can be tedious, but once you find one and have a neatly organized lawn, you’ll realize it was worth it.

The Husqvarna 128LD is considered the best among consumers and has been listed at the top of many reviews, including ours, because its features make trimming a breeze!

Don’t just go on a limb and buy the first weed eater that you see, otherwise you won’t reap the benefits!