Best Extension Cord for Leaf Blower

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Extension cords supply power to electrical equipment with cables that are not long enough to connect to any nearby outlets. It’s an indispensable accessory for most homes and essentially any building, especially if you tend to use various tools outdoors. One of the most practical applications of extension cords is for gardening maintenance.

With that in mind, let’s review five models that are contenders for the best extension cord for leaf blowers.

Comparison Chart

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KF 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord
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UltraPro 9 Ft Extension Cord
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Clear Power 6 ft Outdoor Extension Cord
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Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Extension Cord
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UltraPro 15 Ft Double Insulated Extension Cord

5 Best Extension Cords for Leaf Blowers

1. KF 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord 3 Prong

41Nz blDNFL. SL500

KF Electric has 20 years of manufacturing expertise in power strips, cable extensions, cord reels, and adaptors. For most of its operation, the company focused on North American, European, and Australian markets. Its goal is to meet everyday needs with innovation and customer satisfaction.

The KF 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord 3 Prong is one of its featured products for all-purpose use.

Product Highlights

With its design and quality, this extension cord can deliver notable features that will significantly make your tasks easier. Some of its most notable features are:

  • SJTW

SJTW is an abbreviation most commonly used in the wire and cable industry. S stands for service, J stands for junior (which indicates hard service), T stands for coating (thermoplastic or vinyl), and W stands for weather-approved.

When this abbreviation is included in the description, it essentially means that the extension cord model is suitable for outdoor use. For leaf blowers and other outdoor tools, it’s highly recommended to have an SJTW extension cord.

The KF 16/3 Vinyl Outdoor Heavy Duty Extension Cord 3 Prong is a good choice for such type. You can rely on it to be durable for your regular garden maintenance.

  • Standard Capacity

A cord’s gauge determines how far it can energize an item of a particular wattage. Keep in mind that the cord’s current carrying capacity decreases as it extends.

A 16 gauge extension cable shorter than 50 feet long can supply 1625-watt (125V~13A). That’s precisely what this cord from KF is. A six-foot cord can deliver a rated power of 1625 watts to your indoor and outdoor tools.

  • Versatility

Although we’re reviewing the best extension cord for leaf blowers, it’s also worth mentioning that this model is not limited to such use.

The KF Heavy Duty Extension Cord is also applicable for home and office. For computers, fridges, dryers, and other types of machinery, the cord has sufficient qualities to deliver electricity from the wall socket to the power cord.

The Good

When products have an ETL Listed label, it primarily indicates that they have been tested and passed the minimum requirements for safety standards. This extension cord bears such approval, which means it is made with quality and is safe for the consumers.

The Bad

The instructions for the KF Extension Cord might be a bit confusing because it states that it is not marked for outdoor use. While it is marketed for leaf blowers and other non-indoor equipment, you might be better off with other electrical cords that clearly are for outdoors.


  • Adequately flexible
  • Strong construction
  • Great value


  • Not suitable for large gardens
  • Nondescript design

2. UltraPro 3-Outlet Extension Cord

412doh6kDKL. SL500

UltraPro produces various home accessories, from extension cords to LED rope lights.

One of its most available products is the 3-Outlet Extension Cord. It’s offered in three sizes to accommodate numerous home equipment with convenience.

Product Highlights

With its multiple qualities, the UltraPro 3-Outlet Extension Cord might be worthy of being your next extension cord. Some of its features are as follows:

  • Durability

The UltraPro 3-Outlet Extension Cord is made of 16-gauge wire encased in a durable PVC insulation and jacket. For heavy-duty use, the one-piece molded plug guarantees a secure fit and a tough, long-lasting exterior. Also, the vinyl jacket provides a degree of resistance against dust, moisture, and dirt to enhance its service life further.

  • Safety Standards

When a wire is UL-Listed, it indicates that the UL has tested it and determined that it satisfies their safety standards for fire or shock hazards. The UltraPro 3-Outlet Extension Cord earned its UL-Listed status due to its quality and performance.

  • Multi-Purpose

You’re able to utilize this extension cord to power equipment in your workshop, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers in your garden. It’s also viable to deliver power to the lights on your patio, pellet grills, dryers, and more.

  • Hanging Loop

If you have a shed or terrace that requires multiple power connections, the UltraPro 3-Outlet Extension Cord is a great choice. It has a hanging loop that makes it significantly easier for the cord to get mounted on elevated surfaces.

Use a nail or hook to have the socket conveniently available for your indoor and outdoor equipment.

The Good

If you prefer some distinction to your extension cords, you might want to consider the UltraPro 3-Outlet Extension Cord. The vivid monochromatic color options are sure to be appealing, especially if you’re looking for pink or orange wires for your home setup.

The Bad

For leaf blowers and other outdoor tools, this model has sufficient qualities to be functional. However, like the first extension cord we reviewed, this one is also rated for indoor use.

As such, the UltraPro 3-Outlet Extension Cord may not be the long-term solution for your power needs for garden maintenance or other outdoor tasks.


  • STJW-rated
  • Sturdy rubber
  • Cost-efficient
  • Multiple sockets
  • Length options available


  • Plug fit might be too tight
  • Less flexible than others

3. Clear Power 6 FT Green Indoor-Outdoor Extension Cord

41JG9vq2cjS. SL500

The company Clear Power brands itself as a manufacturer of premium electrical products, particularly extension cords. With different lengths and colors, its releases continue to be one of the top choices for homes that require optimal power connection outdoors.

One of its products, the Clear Power 6 FT Green Indoor-Outdoor Extension Cord, has 125 volts with 13 amps capacity.

Product Highlights

This extension cord model is designed to deliver the electrical essentials for outdoor equipment when it comes to features. Here are some of them:

  • High-Quality Build

Compared to the first two extension models we reviewed, this entry boasts weather, water, and abrasion-resistant properties.

Overall, the outdoor rating gives it an edge over those extension cords that claim “indoor-outdoor” use but only have an indoor rating. Also, the Clear Power 6 FT Green Indoor-Outdoor Extension Cord can stay flexible in extreme temperatures, from -40°F up to 140°F.

  • Safety Standards

This extension cord is agency-tested and certified in North American countries, specifically the United States and Canada. It met the requirements of UL817, the electrical safety standards for extension and power supply cords.

  • Holiday Aesthetic

Thanks to its green color, the Clear Power DCOC-0195-DC16/3 Outdoor Extension Cord blends naturally with holiday decorations. It matches well with the grass and foliage in your garden.

You won’t need to hide or paint the cord to match it with your holiday theme, which will save you some time and effort.

The Good

Electrical arcing is very dangerous since it is an accumulation of the arc fault current and voltage in one location. When arcing happens, it may result in the release of immense energy that can cause harm to yourself and your surroundings.

This Clear Power extension cord features nickel-coated brass blades that are resistant to rust, which reduces the risk of electrical arcing.

The Bad

If you have multiple tools that require constant power, you might have to consider other extension models. The Clear Power 6 FT Green Indoor-Outdoor Extension Cord only has one socket that could be a deterrent in some outdoor setups.


  • Heavy-duty capacity
  • Easy storage
  • Flexible
  • Great for gardening equipment
  • Less prone to tangling


  • Slightly pricier than others
  • Mounting could be an issue

4. Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Extension Cord

41b4b wvDpL. SL500

Southwire is one of the staple brands when it comes to extension cords and other useful hand tools. It has a Made in America collection of products that gained positive feedback from its users.

The Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Extension Cord is great for outdoor and indoor applications.

Product Highlights

Like other extension cords from Southwire, this model features a set of qualities that makes it a top option for powering appliances. Below are some of them.

  • High Visibility

Compared to other conventional cords, this product has a yellow jacket that makes it easy to detect and locate. Due to its color, you’re more likely to avoid tripping with it as yellow is highly visible.

  • Durable Build

The flexible vinyl jacket of the Southwire 2588SW0002 protects the cord from moisture, sunlight, and abrasions. Its reinforced blades increase durability, preventing prongs from bending and breaking.

This extension cord also includes a flame-resistant covering to protect from weather elements, chemicals, and prolonged outdoor exposure.

  • UL-Listed

The company has a reputation for quality and safety, and the Southwire 2588SW0002 makes it more evident. Similar to other extension cords we have reviewed, this model has a UL-Listed label.

  • Contractor-Grade Extension Cord

In addition to the main product, this Southwire package comes with an extra heavy-duty three-way plug contractor extension cord. It has similar high durability qualities that you can expect from the brand, with enhanced features that sustain rugged use.

The Good

Southwire designed the 2588SW0002 Outdoor Extension Cord to ensure convenience for its users to have a lighted end. Whenever the light is on, it indicates that it’s currently serviceable. This feature should be beneficial for situations where you’re doubtful whether you plug the extension cord or not.

The Bad

The Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Extension Cord (50 Feet) length could be inconvenient since it requires more wire management.


  • Less likely to mark surfaces
  • High-quality design
  • Flexible
  • Secure plug fit


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

5. UltraPro 15 Ft Extension Cord

319XBu6A1HL. SL500

UltraPro manufactures a wide range of house essentials such as extension cables and accessories like LED rope lights.

The UltraPro 15 Ft Extension Cord is one of its most popular items. It is offered in two colors, black and green.

Product Highlights

This extension cord also has a lot to offer its users, and some of the most notable ones are:

  • Build Quality

The UltraPro product is constructed with a double-insulated cord that can withstand regular use and some outdoor conditions. Its one-piece molded plug ensures a snug fit and a robust, long-lasting exterior for continuous use.

To extend the service life of the UltraPro 15 Ft Extension Cord, the vinyl jacket provides resistance to dust and dirt.

  • Extended Reach

It has a length of 15 feet that is conducive for hand drills, jigsaws, and other similar equipment. This length should be sufficient for small and medium-sized gardens to provide power to your tools such as leaf blowers.

  • Safety Feature

With its high quality and performance, the UltraPro 15 Ft Extension Cord is UL-Listed. This label signifies that it has been tested and found to meet the UL’s safety requirements for fire and shock hazards.

The Good

The exterior design of the female socket of this model provides an easy grip, which is helpful when unplugging your tools. Accidental slipping should be less likely due to the multiple ridges located below the ground prong.

The Bad

Despite being outdoor rated, this model lacks water-resistant qualities. As such, the UltraPro 15 Ft Extension Cord may not be the best extension cord out there if your garden or yard constantly gets exposed to moisture.


  • Durable
  • Precise length
  • Inexpensive
  • Versatile


  • Not very flexible
  • Plug fit not optimal

Buyer’s Guide

People frequently use the same outlet for everything, which isn’t necessarily recommended for the cords delivering the electricity, the outlet, or the equipment itself. That is true for leaf blowers since they require some critical characteristics for optimal results.


Use a 16-gauge cord if your setup is within 50 feet of your power outlet if your leaf blower is rated at 12 amps or less. For models that have a higher amp or you’re working on an area that exceeds 50 feet, a 16-gauge cord is not ideal. Instead, use a 14-gauge medium or heavy-duty extension cord to accommodate the distance and higher amp.

Outdoor Rated

Since you’re most likely to use your leaf blower outdoors, make sure to get an outdoor-rated extension cord. This type of extension cord is ideal for outdoor lighting, outdoor entertainment centers, and most gardening tools.

Outdoor-rated cords are made to resist moisture, heat, and other harmful elements.


To ensure that you’ll have an easier time using your leaf blower and hassle-free storage, always opt for a length that complements your working space. If you purchase a longer extension cord, the chances of accidents are slightly higher. On the other hand, a shorter cord might limit your mobility and reach.

FAQs About Leaf Blower Extension Cords

1. Does the extension cord for leaf blowers need to be grounded?

Since leaf blowers are primarily for outdoor use, it’s essential to consider your connection being grounded. As you may know, a grounded connection is essential to avoid instances of electric shocks and other hazards that could cause serious injuries. If the leaf blower cord is double insulated, it does not need to be grounded via an extension cord because it is already grounded internally.

2. What is the main difference between indoor extension cords and outdoor extension cords?

An indoor extension wire is often utilized for small or medium electrical home appliances such as lamps, TV, computer systems, and similar items. On the other hand, an outdoor extension cord is generally used for equipment that needs longer lengths, higher amperage, and voltage needs.

3. What is the average amp for leaf blowers?

The motor power of corded leaf blowers is computed in amps. Leaf blowers available in the market today are offered between seven and 12 amps, with higher motor power translating to superior performance.

When it comes to leaf blowers, light-duty cords shouldn’t be considered. Light-duty indoor extension cords should be for small appliances only.

They’re not recommended for leaf blowers since most models are not grounded. This may lead to issues such as inconsistent power transfer or, in worse cases, accidents.

Also, this type typically has two-prong plugs and should not be used with instruments that need a three-prong outlet cable that many leaf blower models require.

5. How do you protect the extension cord when used outdoors?

There are a few practical methods available to ensure the longevity of your extension cords when you use your leaf blower or other outdoor equipment.

Plastic cord casings are a popular way to protect extension cords. The purpose of this enclosure is to keep the cables contained within a safe container, shielding them from moisture and dirt.

If you don’t want to spend much, creating your own plastic enclosure is also an option. The advantages of creating your own include that the resources you need are typically readily available around the house.

Wrapping your extension cable in a plastic bag is another simple technique to keep it dry. A shopping bag or a flexible rubbish bag with velcro straps or duct tape will be enough to seal your extension cord.

Our Final Recommendation

We picked the Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Extension Cord as the best of the best extension cord for leaf blowers. It features a high-quality build that effectively protects the cord from wear and tear, exposure to elements, and other deterrents.

When working outdoors, it’s better to have an extension cord designed to handle most external elements with ease. Despite its high price tag, this Southwire product is worth every penny.